Bougie to budget: Travel Guides made for you

Bougie and Budget (3).png

I love the word bougie, it just has a ring to it. We all can be a little bougie at times, you know, when you hangout with your girlfriends on a Sunday and you drink all the bottomless Prosecco. But then just 12 hours later you are shopping at Target because, you know.... budgets. I totally understand the balance of having a good time but also being financially responsible. This past year has been a learning experience and I want to give you all of my knowledge. 

Travel Guide books are wonderful believe me, I have several. What seems to happen is, I buy it read a few pages, and usually forget to pack it when I go on my trip. So I just wasted about $20 and Goodwill gets another book. When I began traveling I wish I had someone there to guide me through the planning. I have decided that is what I want to do for you. I want to provide you will all the knowledge I have learned while traveling the world for over a year in a guide that is dedicated to what you are interested in. 

Depending on how you travel and your budget we can make an itinerary that fits who you are as a traveler. Do you want to sail around the the boot of Italy, hike through the mountains of Nepal, or just be a tourist in London; we can plan the adventures. With a personalized itinerary the planning is left up to us and all you have to do is book your tickets, pack your bags, and go. 

We are really excited to take this journey with you. This will be an adventure of a lifetime so let's get started!