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Cornwall, England

Cornwall is a special part of England with exceptional views and places to visit!

Day 1St. Ives

St. Ives is an beautiful area with everything you could want. All of Cornwall can be reached by train. Arrive at St. Ives via St. Erth, from there the train is only 15 minutes. Walk the coastal path until you reach the harbor. You can easily spend a day here hiking, lounging, or just sitting by the water

Day 2: Penzance and St. Michael's Mount

Penzance is a small city that can be explored with in a few hours. Coupled with Marazion and St. Michael' Mount, you can easily make a day of it. Have a coffee by the water in Penzance and explore the victorian gardens. After doing some window shopping, take the coast path for an easy walk to Marazion. It is 3 miles but paved or packed sand most of the way. Once in Marazion there are plenty of places for lunch or a snack. Check the tide times to see when you can walk across to St. Michael's Mount. If the tide is high you can get a ferry to the Castle for 2 pounds. TheCastle itself is spectacular and worth a visit. 

Day 3: Fowey and Mevagissey

Both Fowey and Mevagissey can be done in one day. A ferry goes between the two fishing villages. 14 pounds for two ways and 7 pounds for one way. Both towns are unique in it's own right. Quiet, small, local, with a lot of charm. In Fowey you can explore St. Catherine's Castle an old fortress built by Henry VIII to secure the coast of England. This attraction is free but the walk up isn't easy. Strolling around Fowey will just take about a few hours but it is worth a visit. Mevagissey is a little larger than Fowey so there is more happening. There are tons of local shops to stop in and pubs to explore. Try "The Ship" pub...two thumbs up!  


Cinque Terre, Italy

Day 1: Settle into your apartment! The towns are connected by a short train so stay in the town that fits you because all 5 towns are reached easily. Once you are settled head out an explore where you are staying. Each town offers something a little different. Explore where you are, the food, the people, the sea. The next few days will be packed.

Day 2: Hiking the Cinque Terre Trail. This is such a treat. Start in Monterosso Al Mare and end in Corniglia. Unfortunately, this is where the trail ends due to a landslide a few years ago that closed the trail. Put on your hiking shoes, and bring water. The trail is winding, up, down, steep, and has stairs. Take your time and take in the views. If you go at a moderate pace it will take you around 3-4 hours to complete.

Day 3: Beach day and Sunset Cruise. Monterosso is the most popular beach. Make sure you arrive early to reserve your chair and umbrella. The fee for this is around 12 euros. There is a free beach for the budget traveler. During the evening take a sunset cruise of the shore Cinque Terre. The views are amazing and it's just great to be on the water. 



Siem Reap, Cambodia

Day 1: Wake up early,  4am, to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. From here you can take the short or long route. Talk to you tuk tuk driver. If there is something that you want to see away from the crowds tell him and he will take you there! Day 1 is usually long. Once you return in the mid afternoon, take a nap. At night go to the Cambodian Circus, this is a DO NOT miss opportunity.

Day 2: 1000 Lingus tour. Out of the city and into the mountains is a part of Angkor that most do not see, just because it is out of the way. Put on your walking shoes and make the journey. Once there you will hike up to the waterfalls where you can see the amazing carvings in the rocks. Well worth it! This evening go to pub street for a Thai Massage, dinner, and drinks.

Day 3: See the rest of the ruins. There are so many and you won't see it all, but try. If you need a break take the hot air balloon lift to see Angkor Wat from another angle.